Reset Cryotherapy is the leading Cryotherapy and wellness service provider, founded in South Florida. Our customers enjoy Cryotherapy (whole body, facial, and localized to an injury), full spectrum infrared sauna sessions, the Cryoskin for slimming, toning, and anti-aging, lymphatic drainage, and other biohacking and wellness services geared to reduce pain and recovery time AND promote overall wellness. Reset Cryotherapy is home to all things athletic (reducing recovery time and improving performance) and aesthetics (cellulite reduction, anti-aging, slimming…)


Our services are upgraded, effective, and relatively quick. Find your Reset and decrease inflammation, optimize sleep, boost energy, and triumph over signs of aging. Reset services harness cutting-edge technology to proactively optimize both body and mind, setting the stage for peak performance and well-being.  

Who are we?

Meet Whitney and Ana.

Whitney founded Reset in 2017 in Miami. Whitney is from Minnesota, where she was introduced to cryotherapy and found life changing benefits from cryotherapy with her auto-immune illness + her constantly sore muscles from teaching fitness classes. Whitney is a lululemon ambassador for the Lincoln Road store here in Miami, a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and has her masters degree in Counseling Psychology. Whitney has various fitness certifications and has been in the fitness world for years. For fun, Whitney enjoys working out with friends, going on runs, and getting all the dog love from friends dogs!

Ana joined Reset in 2019. Ana was quickly intrigued by the energy boost, slimming, and pain relieving benefits from the services at Reset. Ana began as a client, within a month turned into an employee, and shortly after a manager, and now she is a partner in our Reset location inside of Equinox. Ana has her masters degree in Education. Ana is passionate about all things health and wellness, and she is all about setting goals (half marathons for example!), and sharing her love of extended fasting with anyone (and everyone)! Ana spends her free time reading books, working out, spending time in the community, traveling, and really living her healthiest life to all the places that her body will take her.


Reduce cellulite
Burn calories
Boost metabolism
Improvement in skin conditions
Increases fat burning


Decrease Onset Muscle Soreness & Inflammation
Recover From Injuries Faster
Aids In Post Surgical Recovery
Pain Relief From Fibromyalgia & Rheumatoid Diseases

Improve symptoms of depression, anxiety, fatigue, migraines, effects of stress and quality of sleep