Detoxify Stimulate Rejuvenate

By raising your body temperature more efficiently in combination with your skin absorbing radiant heat from a light source, our sauna creates a chain reaction of benefits that detoxify, stimulate, and rejuvenate multiple areas of the mind and body.

Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna with Medical Grade Chromotherapy

Our infrared sauna warm your body directly, from the inside out. It supports your immune system, improves skin conditions, reduces appearance of cellulite,  detoxifies through increased blood circulation, reduces muscles aches, supports weight loss, and increases metabolism. Every sauna session offers chromotherapy lights, offering color therapy, which adjusts body vibrations to frequencies that result in health and harmony.

 30/60 min, $60/85

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Chromotherapy Benefits

Blue: Relax, reduce pain, decrease stress

Green: Harmony, positive calming effect

Yellow: Lymphatic cleansing, skin purification

Pink: Impurity cleanse

Aqua: Positive calming

Violet: Calm body, relax muscles

Red: Increase pulse